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Your Business Partner in Holland

Your company is considering to expand to the Dutch market. It is a great opportunity and a great challenge at the same time.

You only like to work with people you trust, however searching for partners and building that close relationship takes time. Perhaps you don’t have any previous experience in doing business in Holland and you know that underestimating all the many differences between our two countries would most likely lead to failure. But how to deal with these differences then? How to make sure you understand the Dutch market and business culture? How do you communicate successfully with potential investors, buyers, or business partners? Additionally, the long distance between our two countries leads to a lack of control. Especially without a permanent physical presence here in Holland. How to deal with all that?

I understand the challenge.

Nothing is impossible to a willing mind.


I’ve worked with Chinese companies and in Sales for over 15 years. I’ve been an entrepreneur myself as well for the last 10 years. With that knowledge and experience I enthusiastically assist Chinese companies in successfully exploiting new business opportunities in Holland. I guide companies in taking this very important step and make sure they avoid unnecessary setbacks. Working with me means devotion, transparency and a very strong focus while seeking a continuous development of your employees as well as your business targets.

How can I help your company doing business in Holland successfully

  • Market Research First you need to have a clear view on your company’s opportunities and threats in Holland. I can help to conduct this research properly and create a clear strategy for your company.
  • Sales In the end it is all about Sales. About a successful customer journey, adding value and outshining your competitors. In the end it is all about making money and see your company grow. Together we determine the best B2B or B2C Sales solutions.
  • Company Representative I can represent your company face to face during network events, Sales meetings, exhibitions, or other business meetings in Europe. It is easy for me to communicate without barriers and build the desired trust among potential buyers and business partners as I am Dutch myself. Also my natural ability to easily and honestly connect with people has always helped to get people on board slightly more quickly. It is what I love to do most.
  • Business Training I can train your company’s management or staff members on how to do business in Holland successfully. How can you better understand the Dutch way of doing business? And just as important: how can you make the Dutch understand you? I help increase a mutual understanding and consequently increase motivation for all parties involved as well as your chances of success in Holland.
  • Partner Search I help you find the right partners to combine forces with, bridge cultural differences and make sure you set the base for a successful long-term business relationship.

If your company has made the exciting decision to conquer the Dutch market, make sure you got the right people on board. If there is any way I can help you to achieve your company’s ambitions, please feel free to contact me any time and we”ll introduce one another. 

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.


In order to inform and somewhat prepare your company I created some documents for you to read and video’s to watch. I hope they are a useful start.

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Work with me

There is no limit to what we can achieve. Together we take your company to the next level.